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After you sign up on TendOrama, add "At Your Work" to your list of ways people can Tend you.

Then it's easy for your customers to thank you personally.

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Copy any of these. Add your own stuff if you want.

Fiesta!With happy stickfigures     HappyBlueStickfigure     HappyBlueStickfigure     HappyTiltedStickfigure     HappyBlueTiltedStickfigure     HappyBlueStickfigure     HappyGreenTiltedStickfigure     HappyBlueStickfigure     HappyBlueStickfigure     HappyBlueStickfigure     HappyBlueStickfigure     TendOramaWordmark     TendOramaWordmark     HappyBlueStickfigure     TendOramaLogo     PhoneWithTendOramaLogo     QRCode to TendAtWork

Something like these might be helpful.

Acrylic sign holder for countertop Another acrylic sign holder for countertop Three acrylic signs for tabletop

Email us if you don't have anything like that.

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