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Public Can Thank Essential Workers With TendOrama - September 17, 2020

News Publishers Get New Revenue With TendOrama - September 17, 2020

Journalists Make More Money With TendOrama - September 17, 2020

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[SCENE] Tell That Driver They Biffed It - We Accidentally Create TendOrama

Medium.com: Tell That Driver They Biffed It


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- We don't force people to pay fees, except in "License Plate - Driver Was Bad." Everywhere else, shooting us a few cents or a dollar is optional. We're not trying to make a profit from people as they act kindly. (The News Publisher module is a different story. We make a small profit over there.)

- We don't call people "users." People who use TendOrama are people, not numbers or units to be manipulated or monetized.

- We don't sell data. We collect very little data - just enough to do what we do - and we don't strip unrelated data from your device like many apps do.


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Signs encouraging customers to Tend frontline workers
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TendOrama Founder, Warrick Harrison,
with some workplace signs

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TendOrama Founder, Warrick Harrison, working as an Aircraft
Lavatory Agent while developing TendOrama

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TendOrama founder, Warrick Harrison:

On the "Tend At Work" Module announced Sept 17, 2020:
Our goal for this new module is to fill an age-old gap in our society. We know people have been frustrated by their inability to reciprocate the benefits of other people's hard work. The pandemic makes it seem particularly intense right now, but it's been a problem for a long time and would have remained afterwards, too.

Everyone wants to show gratitude! When someone, often paid very little, goes above and beyond - like exposing themselves and their families to a disproportionate risk of COVID-19 - or by doing more than they need to just because they're kind, people want to let them know they really appreciate it and they absolutely don't take it for granted.

On the "Publishers" Module announced September 17, 2020:
Fortunately, people know good journalism when they read it. They appreciate it.
Through a TendOrama link added to any article or post, readers can reward that publisher`s great work.
Not only is healthy journalism required in a strong society, it`s also needed in people`s personal lives. A relevant news story, an in-depth feature, a well-reasoned op-ed, or a sports story with new analysis - all improve a person`s day, not to mention making them better equipped as they go about their lives.
Although TendOrama definitely isn`t suitable for every journalist or news publisher and maybe some don`t want to get involved, I hope it`s clear that adding TendOrama to a news site or app can benefit those who do.

On TendOrama's decision to rarely force people to pay:
We decided not to charge people when they send or receive a Tend. We just couldn't bring ourselves to force people to pay to do something kind for someone. Instead, people can shoot TendOrama a few cents or a dollar if they feel like it. The only exceptions are in the Publishers' space and when using "License Plate - Driver Was Bad," and there are obvious reasons for that.
I know that not forcing people to pay for a good or service goes against the foundations of our market economy, but the imperative to resist charging people a fee to do or accept something nice is stronger.
In the News Publishers' module, TendOrama requires a kind of fee from the news corporations that benefit from TendOrama's service, but that feels okay - and anyway, we have to keep the lights on somehow, and pay our staff.
But yes, most of the time, you don't have to pay unless you want to.

On why he sent more than 2000 Tends while building TendOrama:
Because I love it...? First thing is, most of my Tendees didn't realize they had a Tend waiting, because no one had heard of TendOrama and people are rightly wary these days, so most of those Tends expired, which is too bad. But I don't know, who doesn't like thanking someone if they can? Or being generous if they can? Everybody does. I think I'm probably less generous than most people, mostly because I'm usually not smart enough think of it. Certainly my EQ is less than most people. But even I like the feeling of making somebody happy. Especially if it's a surprise. I don't know. I just like it.


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