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Although the world can be pretty crummy, the people in it are good.

They go around doing nice things for others. Big things, small things.
They do it - you do it! - because it's in their character. It's who they are. Do something good. Move along. That's how it mostly is.

People rarely do nice things for the thanks they might get. But when a token of gratitude does come?
Well then! That's super. We all know that feeling.
Sometimes we didn't even realize we did anything special.
That's a cool moment.
When someone says you really did help out and you can tell it mattered to them, you can't help but feel a bit delighted.

On the other side of the coin, when someone does something nice for you, you thank them.
You try to express your gratitude.
A little 'thank you' for a small thing, maybe; a bigger 'thank you' for a bigger favor or helping hand.

Sometimes, you don't get chance to thank someone. Sometimes you did but you walk away and wonder, "Did they hear me?"
Or, "Did I thank them enough?" Or, "I hope they could tell how grateful I am."
But the moment has often passed and it's too late.
Lots of times, there's just no good way to say thank you or, "Hey good job," or, "That helped me." So you move on. They move on.
They didn't really do it for the thanks anyway.

But we all still wish we could go back, sometimes.
That's why TendOrama exists. So you can.

Sooo, sure the world can be cold and cruel, but we can have some fun!
Plus, people everywhere are making our world better.

Anyway, whatever we're doing - whether it's hard or easy or wonderful - casually delighting people is kind of a kick!

- Warrick, TendOrama founder

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