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It's really the only way to keep track of the Tends you receive and send.

Also, there are still people who say mean things and we want to minimize that.
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TendOrama offers a new way to express gratitude

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We all believe the world is better when we reward people who deserve it.
TendOrama earns a small profit by offering people a way to express gratitude to each other.

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We are:

One Founder
One Primary Advisor and a handful of other Advisors
One Minority Shareholder
Half a dozen paid and unpaid staff

About the webapp, TendOrama.com:

The database and financial transaction controls are fully functional and secure. The TendOrama you see is currently in Demo Stage. It isn't meant to be particularly pretty right now.
We deliberately chose to offer TendOrama as a website only at first. We wanted to make sure people want and will use it. Now that that's done, and people are starting to ask for features only an app can support, the app is scheduled for release in December 2020, if COVID-19 doesn't block us.
Right now you can add TendOrama to your HomeScreen so it looks and acts like an app already.
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