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It's really the only way to keep track of the Tends you receive and send.

Also, there are still people who say mean things and we want to minimize that.
Having an account encourages people who might act badly to think twice.

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TendOrama offers a new way to express gratitude

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We all believe the world is better when people are rewarded.
TendOrama earns a small profit by offering people a way to express gratitude to each other.
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What shifts people from, "TendOrama is kind of neat," to realizing they must have it?

1) When they realize people they know are Tending and feeling great about it.
2) When they realize people they know are receiving Tends. Often at work, especially for those who interact with customers, clients, and patients or their families.
3) When they realize competing publishers are receiving Tends and they aren't.

We are:

Based in Calgary, AB
One Founder
One primary Advisor and a handful of additional Advisors
One Minority Shareholder (because she wanted to show tangible support)
Half a dozen paid and volunteer staff

About the webapp, TendOrama.com:

The TendOrama you see isn't meant to be particularly pretty. We're focussing on making it useful.
We chose to offer TendOrama as a website only. Apps are annoying and don't add all that much to your experience.
If you do want TendOrama to look and act like an app, add it to your HomeScreen. (Search "Add to homescreen your device")

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