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Block people from Tending your publication

There are a few reasons a publication might block people, including that they want to push readers to buy an ongoing subscription.

While we're a bit sad they chose this, we respect their wishes.

These publications have chosen to block people from creating Tends for them:

Winnipeg Free Press     

Requests to block publications are reviewed by TendOrama managers.

Common name of publication to block

URL of publication to block

The New York Times would enter nytimes.com (NYT would have to do the present process for all their domains, like nyti.ms).
Winnipeg Free Press would enter winnipegfreepress.com

Your name at work

Your position

Email to send the confirmation code. (Must have same domain after the "@" as the publication domain you are blocking.)

Optional: Let us know your particular reason(s) for blocking people from creating a Tend for you:


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