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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of
TendOrama.com operated by TendOrama Ltd.
January 21, 2019


As an organization whose only product is service, TendOrama relies on the trust we inspire in people. TendOrama's goal is to collect only the information necessary to allow us to perform the service we are clearly engaged in. We will only use personal or corporate information for the purposes we have told you about or which are self-evident, and to which you have expressly or implicitly agreed. ("Implicit" agreement is given when a person's behavior makes it clear they agree. For example, when someone types a searchword into an internet search engine, they implicitly agree to be shown the results of that search.)


We ask for your personal information so we can:

What TendOrama Ltd does not use your personal or corporate information for:

TendOrama.com will not sell, lend, barter, or otherwise engage in the dissemination of your or anyone's personal or corporate information beyond what is clearly intended by the Website/WebApp/App and by your use of the Website/WebApp/App.

Unlike other Apps/WebApps/Websites, TendOrama does not extract information from your device, other than what you explicitly type, click, or enter.

TendOrama Ltd is not interested in generating revenue except in full view of the people who use TendOrama.com. We only provide our core services to you as best we can.

As with other types of businesses, it is impossible for your information to be kept completely private. Government agencies (courts, law enforcement agencies, etc.) occasionally have the power to require the disclosure of information. Although TendOrama.com data is secure, protected by appropriate Security Certificate(s) and other means, information can be intercepted by third parties, either by accident or on purpose. As well, information can be lost despite everyone's best diligence. Fortunately, in many jurisdictions, simple accident is no longer an excuse for losing personal information, and there are penalties (to TendOrama) for allowing such an occurrence. Please consider these facts as you interact with our, or any, business, internet-based or not. TendOrama.com will endeavor to safeguard all personal and corporate information entrusted to it.

In order to understand how we're doing, we use Google Analytics to aggregate non-personal, non-identifying data. We place a cookie on your computer so that Google Analytics will work. Google is very clear and stern about not collecting personally identifying information through the use of this cookie. Here is the relevant section of Google Analytics's Terms of Service, which TendOrama abides by:

Here is Google's wording about the Ads it places on TendOrama. Pretty straightforward and normal:

Google's cookies (for its ads and its Analytics) are the only cookies we place on your device. TendOrama does use session variables to keep your visit intact until you are logged out; session variables are destroyed when your visit ends. TendOrama does not track your behavior around the internet.

By using our service, you signify your consent to the contents of this Privacy Policy. When you provide us with personal information through our service, we will assume your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information according to the contents of this Privacy Policy. You can ask for access to your personal information by contacting our Privacy Manager at TendOrama@TendOrama.com. We may decline such a request if it asks us to include information about anyone else, or if the request is frivolous, or if it asks us to put our company at unreasonable risk of harm. If we were ever to deny such a request, we would tell you why and you would have the option to respond.

Your information is not kept beyond the date necessary for us to perform the activities described herein, with the exception that some data will not be purged because of the technical problems involved in doing so. This is normal and if we can't get at some data, it is unlikely anyone else could in any meaningful way. Nevertheless, anyone who uses an internet-enabled computer for any purpose should be aware of the enduring nature of electronic data.

This policy is updated from time to time. The date this version came into force appears above.

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Privacy Policy


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