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Do I HAVE to sign up?

It's really the only way to keep track of the Tends you receive and send.

Also, there are still people who say mean things and we want to minimize that.
Having an account encourages people who might act badly to think twice.

We don't sell your data or spam you, so you're safe from that here.


We're glad you're here!

We're happy you're here!

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This name will be displayed on your Publisher's Console, on Tends you receive, and any publicly viewable activity. Therefore, it's best to create a separate account for each publication you operate. (Each account needs a different email.)
Each publication will have a separate Publisher's Console. You might end up with more tabs open while monitoring them (or not, depending how you like to work), but everything will stay better organized and your readers will be less confused when they Tend your publications. Our Privacy Policy is different from others.

The currency you will receive Tends in - usually the currency where your head office is located.
Tends originating in a different currency will be converted at that day's rate as displayed here https://online.royalbank.com/foreign-exchange with no additional fee charged by TendOrama. We're not here to nickel-and-dime you.
If you require more than one currency, you will need to create that number of Accounts.
Currency cannot be changed after creating your Account.


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Your account email cannot be the same as any other account's email, including any personal account.

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Here is the entire Terms of Service:

1) TendOrama does what it appears to do.
2) Everyone in TendOrama acts within the positive expectations of the societies we live in.

There is only one additional thing to remember:

3) If someone acts unkindly in the way they control a TendOrama Account, the Account is suspended for a week and it forfeits 1% of the money in that Account.
Why? Because we don't have to tolerate unkind behavior on our platform, whether purposeful or unintended.
So far, people have been appreciative of this.

That's the whole Terms of Service. We hope you like that we worked hard to make it both plain and comprehensive. So Short?
Have fun as people reward your work!

Instructions are next.

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